The Ukrainian economy has quickly integrated with a system of shadow financial flows. Cumulative outflow of shadow capital from the country over a period from 2000 and until 2008 made up USD 82 billion. It is said in an analytical report "Shadow Economy in Ukraine: Scales and Trends for Overcoming" by the National Institute of Strategic Studies of Ukraine, published in December, according to UKRINFORM.

The institute experts note that this amount almost threefold exceeds expenses of the consolidated budget for health protection over that period and 2.3 fold - the volume direct investments.

Results of shadow economy studies, which were carried out at the Institute, demonstrate that one of components of shadow economic activities is illegal activities, including economic crimes," the report reads.

The institute's data testify to the fact that markets of some illegal goods considerably exceed Ukraine's budget. Capacity of the illegal trade in natural resources makes up about USD 20 billion.

The experts noted that during the crisis, business massively and quickly withdrawn capitals to the shadow in order not to lose capitals. "A large-scale withdrawal of capital from the official economy, which was observed in Ukraine in the process of the crisis development, to some extent played a preventive role for business," the report says.

Following the crisis, unshadowing processes are rather inert, Institute's employees believe. Renewal of the economy in 2010 was not accompanied by mass return of capitals to Motherland.

According to calculations of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine, shadow economy volume in Ukraine over recent five years is ranging from 28 tо 39% of GDP.

According to calculations of Austrian economist Friedrich Snider, the shadow economy level in Ukraine makes up 52.8% оf the official GDP, the report of Institute's economists reads.

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