Nikolay Tomenko Vice-PM of Ukraine confirmed his resignation. “I do not want to work with the power where everyone knows that if you ant to solve a problem you need ask one or tow people in the state,” stated Tomenko.

Tomenko said that he did not intend to be charge with other’s mistake. It is the main reason of his resignation.

According to his words, the people must elect a government of popular confidence. “And the person elected by the people will become a minister,” pointed out Tomenko. He will do his best in order to conduct political reform concerning the elections. “The script for abolition of political reform through the Constitution Court made for President is unreal,” stated Tomenko.

Tomenko is definitely sure that political corruption is worse than financial one. He pledged that Security Service of Ukraine and General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine are to reveal lots interesting facts to society.

Tomenko mentioned that the leadership of the country must get rid of people involving in private business. “We must not believe that ‘chocolate’ (Poroshenko – edit) tycoons will change something that ‘oil’ ones could not change.”

He adds that revolution will be buried if the business is not divided from power.


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