Deputy chief of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Bondar declares that after elections salaries and pension will not be reduced but considers that current Government has increased salaries to improve its election rate. Bondar told today at the press conference, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet got final calculations on salary and pension increase. This figure fluctuates from UAH 5.5 up to 10 milliard,” he said, adding that this figure significantly influences the state budget. According to Bondar, if this sum for pension and salary exceeds UAH 5.5 milliard, than expenses for some other budget spheres will be reduced.

“The Government will artificially regulate budget by means of non fulfillment of some budget points,” he said.

He also declared that the Cabinet was not interested in salary and pension increase in 2006 that is explained by misunderstandings between the President and PM concerning signing law on budget 2007. “Only when the election date on September 30 became clear, the Cabinet decided to raise salaries and pensions. But the question is whether the Cabinet has recourse in the budget for payment of increased salaries and pensions in the fourth quarter of this year,” Bondar said. According to him, Yushchenko is concerned that it may contribute to threat of questions on gas, water supply, and other issues.


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