The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has published a review of the main trends of the Ukrainian monetary market in December 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

NBU experts note that in December 2013, the trend of increasing banks' resource base and outstanding loans in national currency issued to business entities was maintained. In December the total balance of bank deposits grew by 16.7 billion UAH (up 2.6%), to 666.1 billion UAH. The balances of deposits grew by 98.2 billion. UAH (YTD -17.3%) in 2013.

Experts say the growth of deposits in December (and in general during 2013) was achieved due to national currency deposits. The national currency deposit balances grew by 19.5 billion UAH in December (YTD by 101.1 billion UAH). The foreign currency deposit balances fell by 2.8 billion UAH in December (YTD by 2.9 billion UAH).

Deposit balances grew by a greater extent due to individuals deposits and reached 437.2 billion UAH in the past year. Growth of individuals deposits amounted to 69.9 billion USD. They increased grew by 1.5 billion UAH in December. Also, in December, as in the preceding two months, national currency deposits grew by 3 billion UAH, and the foreign currency ones fell (down 1.5 billion UAH.). Individuals deposits reached a historical high in 2013, experts say.

Deposit balances of legal entities grew by 26.8 billion UAH (up 15.2 billion UAH in December).
According to banking market analysts, a significant growth of deposits, predominantly those in the national currency, is a good basis for a stable banking system. This demonstrates confidence in the banking system and in the national currency both from public and business entities.


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