There are no threats to drinking water quality in Kyiv, the Kyivvodocanal water supply company spokesperson Viktoria Yakovleva told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Currently, there are no threats to quality of drinking water in Kyiv. That is why we inform citizens that the state of rivers is good. However, a lowered oxygen levels may be observed during a pre-flood period. This situation is now under control. The oxygen level is normal, slightly above the lower limit," she said.

In turn, the chief engineer of the Kyivvodokanal water utilities department emphasized that in mid-January there was a decrease in oxygen levels, but today that number has increased slightly and makes up 4-4.5 mg / dm ².

He noted that this indicator allows avoiding fish kills in the water, which could affect the quality of drinking water. "We comply with all the water quality standards. We have available all of the reagents (for cleaning - Ed.)," he said.

Yakovleva also stressed that as soon as the prerequisites for the oxygen reduction in water appear, the Kyivvodocanal will address the Emergency service for the rescuers to break the ice on ponds.

"In addition, we will solve the issue by adding what is needed to maintain the desired water quality. All of our actions we coordinate with the Sanitary Epidemiological Service," she said.

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