Experts predict a positive dynamics of balance of payments following the adoption of resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on amendments to paragraph 3 of the procedure for determining the term and conditions for the completion of import operations without the importation of goods into the territory of Ukraine aimed at combating import scams.

"Such a move would reduce the load on the interbank market, it will oppose the attempts buy currency making such operations. It will also positively influence the balance of payments, as outflow of currency will reduce," treasurer of the Daniel bank Vasily Nevmerzhitskiy said.

"The Tax Administration, which keeps records of all foreign transactions, estimates that since the start of the year, about $ 10 billion having been taken out from Ukraine through import scams. If this process is stopped, it will be a considerable help for the National Bank, which is actively fighting illegal withdrawal of currency from the country," the banker added.

In turn, according to Serhiy Yaremenko, former deputy chairman of the National Bank, this problem has existed for many years, and its solving has depended on the decisiveness of the government.

According to the MP Yevhen Tsarkov, the member of the committee on finance, banking, tax and customs policy, this innovation should be carried out along with the adoption of legislation that would make impossible of transferring income of big business on offshore accounts.

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