If tariffs on communal and housing services have been increased by local authorities and without solid grounds, local self-governments should pay for housing subsidies from their own budgets, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov told a press conference commenting on the statement of Sumy mayor on central power's interference into tariff formation process, ForUm correspondent reports.

"As for the statement of Sumy mayor on that the government should not interfere into the tariff formation process, I want to say that if he wants to form tariffs by himself, then he cannot ask any subsidies from the state budget. The problem is that some smarty pants increase tariffs for communal services, and the government has to increase subsidies for population. The rule says that tariffs for housing and communal services cannot exceed 10% of pensioners' income and 15% of working people's income. If he is so smart, I want to make a deal: you form your tariffs, but don't ask the government about anything. I will ask the Sumy mayor is explained everything I've just said," the PM pointed out.

According to Azarov, there are no grounds to increase communal and housing tariffs, as the price for energy carriers has not grown up.

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