The Cabinet submits to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on measures for holding the pension reform in Ukraine. The relevant bill of December 13, 2010, was published on the Verkhovna Rada website, UKRINFORM reports.

The document was developed with the aim of determining measures for further reformation of the pension system and balancing of the solidarity pension insurance system, the explanatory note says, prepared by Vice Prime Minister and Social Policy Minister Serhiy Tihipko.

The bill, in particular, proposes "a gradual rise of the retirement age for women from 55 to 60 years through raising it annually by six months, starting with February 1, 2011, for men-state service workers - to 62 years since 2013."

In addition, the women's age for receiving the state social aid will increase from 58 to 63 years.

To get the retirement pension, according to the document, the minimum necessary pensionable service will raise threefold, from 5 to 15 years.

The Cabinet also proposes the following: to set the maximum pension amount at 12 amounts of the minimum subsistence level for persons, who lost working ability; to raise the level of pension insurance for the budgetary sphere workers, envisaging payment of one-time monetary aid to them on retirement to the amount of 10 awarded monthly pensions;

In addition, reformation of the pension system provides for restriction of the pension amount for former government members to 80% of the salary amount for calculation of pension.

It is planned also to increase the years of service for retirement of servicemen. Thus, persons discharged from the military service due to reformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pensions will be calculated on reaching 45 years of age by them on availability of 20 calendar years of service against the former 15 years, and to the amount reaching 50% of the money allowance, against the former 40% with an increase of this amount by 2% for each following year.

In case of discharge from the contract service, a one-time monetary aid to the amount of 50% of the pay service for every calendar year of service shall be paid to servicemen following 10 years of service (earlier, availability of 10 years of service was not envisaged).

The bill provides for a gradual increase of the necessary pensionable service for getting the disability pension. Earlier, for persons over 32 years of age and more, five years of the pensionable service was needed that is necessary for award of pensions, whereas according to the new bill, persons recognized as disable persons, have a right for pension on availability of the pensionable service from two to 15 years depending on the age of the disability occurrence.

A considerable place in the document belongs also to the issues of introduction of the accumulation system of mandatory state pension insurance.

In case of adoption of this document in the nearest future, the Law of Ukraine "On Measures Concerning Legislative Provision of the Pension System Reformation" may come into force since January 1, 2011.

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