Ukraine will always remain a reliable partner in the issues of transit of Russian gas to the countries of European Union. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announced in the aftermath of signing of the agreement on supplies of the Russian gas to Ukraine and on its transit to Europe.

The Premier declares Ukraine will resume the transit of Russian gas to the European states the moment this gas is shipped to the gas transporting system of Ukraine. “There won’t be any delays on the part of Ukraine and everything will be made technically correct – with quality and reliably,” the Head of Ukraine’s Government assured.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, during the talks all the pricing and organizational issues joined to supplies of the Russian gas to Ukraine and its transit to the states of Europe have been solved. The Head of Government announced that firstly through 17 years of independence Ukraine has managed to lay an objective basis in the issues of gas shipments – “a formula approach which excludes any subjective matters and gives base to consider that within the following years there won’t be any debates in the end of year, there won’t be aggravations but normal, absolutely predictable process of setting a price for gas and tariff for transportation of the Russian gas to Europe. And it is crucial, as it appears an element of energy independence of Ukraine as well as an element of establishment of normal relations in all the other areas”.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine announced signing today’s instruments gives way to believe that during the following 10 years we will feel confidence and predictability in the system of supplies of gas to Europe and Ukraine.

Yulia Tymoshenko thanked to the Head of Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin and all the participants of negotiations that they had found a possibility to agree on special conditions of gas supplies for Ukraine in 2009 – for 20% discount for the Russian gas supplied to Ukraine. “This provides Ukraine with an opportunity to work one more year over energy saving issues, over the system of diversification of use of energy carriers, to make everything possible Ukraine could feel the world gas price needs another attitude to consuming energy resources,” the PM of Ukraine explained.

Yulia Tymoshenko also informed the price for transit of the Russian gas to Europe is profitable: “we have found a compromise in here and it is very important. I am convinced the GTS of Ukraine will function in normal regime, will be repaired and modernized and Ukraine will always remain a reliable partner in the issues of transit of the Russian gas to the European Union”.

In his turn the Head of Government of Russia Volodymyr Putin announced, if both Ukraine and Russia start realization of understandings contained in the signed documents any additional control or monitoring will become needless. “I rely on the situation that within the nearest time and in a long-term perspective all the mechanisms elaborated in the course of negotiations will be working effectively,” Volodymyr Putin maintained. He also added that at last Russia had managed to build market relations with Russia in gas issues.

The Premier of Russia Volodymyr Putin stressed the Government of Yulia Tymoshenko had made a significant step towards the development of Russian-Ukrainian collaboration in energy domain, which is an integral part of all economic ties. Moreover, he assured the Russian Government would support Ukraine and added that solving of today’s issue would contribute to the development of bilateral economic cooperation.

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