Chairman of the VRU Arseny Yatsenyuk considers that state budget 2008 may be adopted on eve of New Year – on December 31.

“I am afraid that we may adopt budget draft on December 31 under the New Year tree,” he said today.

Moreover, Yatsenyuk noted that political elites of Ukraine must be united by strategic things of the Constitution but not by another universal pact or any other document.

According to Yatsenyuk, he is against of sprinter methods of constitutional reform. He stands for work with current Constitution despite it has some gaps. It is necessary to change Constitution gradually by means of corresponding laws and decisions of Constitution court.

Yatsenyuk also noted that Ukraine needs to form real opposition. “Ukraine never has real functioning opposition. Let my coalition friends and colleagues forgive me. Opposition was destructive and current opposition also wants to be destructive,” he stressed.


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