President Victor Yushchenko’s chief of staff, Victor Baloha, has decided not to take part in early parliamentary elections on September 30 as member of the Our Ukraine –People’s Self-Defense bloc, calling his decision a “right step," president's press office reports.

Baloha expressed confidence the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense bloc would make a “powerful, effective and bright” team to achieve great results on September 30. “A democratic and patriotic faction will be created in the Verkhovna Rada,” he said and added that its deputies would make laws for the people.

He said none of the officials of the presidential secretariat would participate in the election and that he would work in the secretariat “as long as the president is interested in this.” “There are still lots of issues on the agenda of the president’s top managers who came to Bankova 11 less than a year ago,” he said, promising “large-scale doctrines and brave projects” and vowing to make sure the secretariat continues to work effectively.

Baloha said his decisionnot to take part in the campaign would make all the accusations thathe may abusehis powers “senseless.”

He said he would work to develop the bloc of democratic parties into a powerful party after the September poll. “This is a serious and worthy challenge. Our high goal is to unite all the patriotic democratic forces which will together offer Ukraine a new ideology, a new program of development and prosperity.”


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