Yushchenko's bloc "Our Ukraine" commented on the Party of Regions actions, directed to strong disapproval of President's decision to store nuclear waste in Chornobyl area.
Statement of “Our Ukraine” bloc:

Electoral Bloc “Our Ukraine” decisively protests against the Party of Regions creating tension around the proposition of the Ukrainian President to submit the idea of creation of a deposit for nuclear waste in the estrangement zone of Chernobyl NPP to a public discussion. The Party of Regions’ faction’s statement cynically distorts the facts and the very idea of public discussion submitted by the president to all-Ukrainian public is interpreted as a ready political decision.

We treat such groundless accusations as the next pre-election PR aimed at discrediting political opponents. It is surprising for the Party of Regions’ faction that the head of the state submits an important topic to a public discussion. It did not happen during the time of couloirs’ agreements of Kuchma-Yanukovych regime that was far from European tradition of a close dialogue of the state and the society.

We are convinced that hysterics’ mood of the Party of Regions’ faction’s statement was connected not with compassion for Ukrainians’ future, economic and ecological security of Ukraine but purely political ambition. It also concerns statements on federalism that really means an appropriation of Southern-Eastern region by oligarchs and making Ukrainian citizens hostages of several bosses with a shady and criminal past.


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