Victor Yushchenko said he hoped today’s presidential hearings would result in several propositions that should be considered when formulating political fundamentals in 2006-2007, the President's press office reported.

“I think by publicly discussing humanitarian, economic, political or social problems, we learn to better understand social expectations and political positions and to realize whether our tasks are realistic,” he stressed.

The Presidentsaid the major goal of these hearings was to formulate “mid-term effective strategies.”

The Head of Stateis convinced that “today’s discussion demonstrates that our nation is becoming wiser and more intelligent to solve existing problems.”

He also informed those present that they had been given a draft agreement to ensure free, democratic and transparent elections so that public organizations could submit their propositions. Yushchenko said he hoped this agreement would “work, not being just an imperative.”

“It will stipulate restrictions and rules government, political forces and all participants of the campaign should follow to demonstrate that democracy is irreversible in Ukraine,” he stressed.

Yushchenko added that political forces should show that they come to the Rada “not through fraud, but through ideological debates and implementation of their programs.”


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