President Victor Yushchenko, Speaker Vladimir Litvin, Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov and Kiev Mayor Alexander Omelchenko took part in a meeting to study conceptual projects to build up Kiev. The Head of State said the purpose of this meeting, which was held at the Art Arsenal Complex, was to elaborate a ten-year concept to develop Kiev.

Yushchenko stressed that he meant the concept that could “show Kiev residents the way to solve problems in the city” and set a good example for other regions.

The President noted that this architectural concept concerned mainly housing, industrial construction and development of business and educational facilities.

“In one word, this concept enables us to see a new city,” he said.

The Head of State believes these projects make it possible to considerably increase dwelling space in the capital.

The participants of the meeting particularly considered ways to build up the right-bank area. Yushchenko said a public group would be formed October 11 to publicly discuss this project. He stressed that the government would apply the same approach to build up other territories.

The President is convinced that this plan will help Ukraine receive “billion-dollar investment that we expect to get within the five years.”

Among other projects to be implemented soon is the Snowball Tree Garden Glory Park to commemorate all 1932-33 Famine victims.

“This will be a symbol of Kiev to honor our history,” said the President.

Then the participants discussed ways to build up the Botanical Garden Park.

Summing up results of the meeting, Yushchenko said, “Today, we have elaborated a good concept to build up Kiev in the future. This will be an interesting city.”


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