Prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko tries on new suits at night, as there is no time for this in a day-time. Designer Aina Gassee, which sews for Madam Timoshenko told about it.

According to her words, "all trying on are occurred at Timoshenko's home or at work and in a night-time, that is why there is an extra charge".

Aina Gassee tells that Julia Vladimirovna likes natural fabrics only: "It is not important of whose production - "Channel" or "Dior". The main is high-quality and colour. We buy fabrics in Kiev. I pick up materials and bring her for choosing",  «Obcom» reports.

As Timoshenko's personal designer says, the prime minister "likes pinky, pale-violet, beige, pastel shades and classic black and grey".


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