MP, chairman of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Oleksandr Yefremov said that if necessary, the Party of Regions faction will initiate a parliamentary session, which will include MPs, who want to work, and willpass the laws without opposition.

According to him, the opposition does not want to hold meeting with the President of Ukraine, but wants to make a "scandal around this event." "Each faction leader has the ability to contact the President and ask him for a meeting. I do not think that President has refused any of the leaders of the factions. Therefore Yatseniuk, Klitschko and Tyahnybok pursue other goals: just make a scandal, not to solve any issues with the President," the politician said.

When asked whether situation in the Parliament may be characterized as parliamentary crisis, the leader, Yefremov said: "The parliamentary crisis exists when Parliament is not working. Now we can not say whether it works or not. The Party of Regions faction is set to constructive work.

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