President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych conducts routine meetings with regional governors, namely Kyiv City State Administration Chairman Oleksander Popov and Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman Volodymyr Prystyuk. 

Oleksandr Popov has briefed Viktor Yanukovych on the economic and social situation in Kyiv. "In the second half of last year we managed to stabilize the situation and get positive trends as to virtually all social-economic indicators," he said. 

The President in this context stressed the importance of not only maintaining the relevant trends, but also providing further impetus for the development of the capital. 

Oleksandr Popov has also informed the President on the Kyiv government’s plans to increase the construction of housing by 40% in 2011 and start the implementation of a social support program to pay one half of the price of apartments by the local and central budgets. "There will be 1550 such apartments built. This is a very interesting program, which has not yet been used in Kyiv," he said. 

The Kyiv City Administration Chairman has also informed the President on the plans of developing roads infrastructure, in particular – the construction of a bridge in the Podil District, to be largely completed this year. 

"The President has expressed support to such proposals," Oleksandr Popov said. He said that in 2011 another subway station is planned to be opened. 

"We have very strong programs, which we are carrying out actively. Projects related to preparations for Euro 2012 are also under supervision. In addition to the stadium, to be opened until the 20th anniversary Ukraine's independence, we are also working hard to upgrade the central streets, buildings’ facades, adjacent territories," Oleksandr Popov said. 

During the meeting, President Yanukovych was also informed on the realization of reforms in Kyiv, such as in housing, healthcare system, etc. Oleksandr Popov has informed that in 2011, 100 clinics of family healthcare are to be opened in Kyiv. In addition, he said, in the second half of this year, the system of social cards for Kyiv inhabitants is to start working.

At the meeting of President Yanukovych with the Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Administration, sides have discussed investment policies in the region. Volodymyr Prysyuk has informed Viktor Yanukovych on the steps being taken in Luhansk region to attract investment, particularly on the preparation for a large investment forum scheduled for November 2011. 

"I have also told the President in detail about the tasks we perform in the framework of development of the Euroregion Donbass between Luhansk region and Rostov oblast," Volodymyr Prystyuk said after the meeting. 

Special attention during the meeting was dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in Luhansk region and the steps already implemented in this direction. The Luhansk Administration Chairman also thanked the President for the appropriate orders, issued after the visit of the Head of State to the region in 2010. 

"We have purchased an important medical equipment last year, which can qualitatively change the situation in Luhansk region in such areas as oncology, cardiovascular diseases treatment, etc., " he said, adding also that three programs were developed to create relevant specialized medical centers. 


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