One of priorities of the state economic policy in 2011 should be complex reformation of natural and infrastructure monopolies, raising work efficiency of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, First Vice Premier and Economic Development and Trade Minister Andriy Kliuyev believes, his press service informed, according to UKRINFORM.

As concerns the industry, according to Kliuyev, formalization of ownership rights should be ensured in Ukraine, since there are many industrial property objects and objects of other economy sectors, for instance Zasiadko Mine that are used de facto by private companies, but for which the title has not been legally registered till now.

It is necessary to create conditions so that state business was profitable, otherwise unprofitable objects, for instance mines, should be privatized.

In the agroindustrial complex, Kliuyev is convinced, it is necessary to implement a concept of the agroindustrial complex development and food security, to ensure a solicitous attitude toward using land and water resources.

As concerns investment activities, according to the First Vice Premier, in every region a system of investment process management should be set up.

"Our task is to reorient internal and world flows of investment resources toward development of the Ukrainian economy. Strengthening of economic diplomacy is determined by the President of Ukraine as one of main trends in the foreign economic policy," Andriy Kliuyev emphasized.

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