Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has sent a letter to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, presenting his vision of the conceptual principles of the national budget for the coming year, NRCU reported.

The President attributed the reason for his address to the fact that he had not so far received a draft of the main financial document, although the government planned to examine it on September 12. In the first place, the President insists that the draft budget should be based on a "real forecast of macroindicators of economic and social development," a deficit not exceeding 3% of GDP, and prevention of a sharp rise in this country's state debt.

Viktor Yushchenko spoke out against toughening of the tax burden on businesses, and insisted on strengthening the financial bases of Crimean, regional and Sevastopol city budgets. He also insists on returning to the stabilization fund its key function of the economy's investment locomotive, and prevention of dissipation of the 2010 budget funds for the current needs.

The President demands that the budget guarantee sufficient defensive potential of the state, and balanced financial flows of SJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine to maintain energy security of the state. Viktor Yushchenko also insists on strengthening the social block of the budget and implementation of weighted and responsible social policy, establishment of realistic living wage and social benefits.

"Budget policy must be coordinated with priorities of economic development of the state.  That is why I demand observance of the norm for obligatory submission to parliament in a package with the draft national budget of the draft state program for economic and social development of Ukraine for the same year," Yushchenko's letter reads.


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