One of the BYuT leaders Olexander Turchynov has stated that the representatives of the OU-PSD bloc will not betray its voters and will not refuse to form the democratic coalition. As ForUm’s correspondent reports, Turchynov has stated, answering the journalists’ question: what the BYuT will do in case three members of the OU-PSD bloc refuse to sign the agreement on coalition formation.

“I think that the reason was that they couldn’t find necessary document and they didn’t have a pen in the pocket,” he noted.

Turchynov has expressed hope that the secretariat of the VRU will provide all People’s deputies with pens and necessary printed forms. “That’s why I don’t see any technical problems for the coalition formation,” he noted.

At the same time he has emphasized that if other “political” points of views appear concerning this topic, it will mean that these or those People’s deputies refuse from their election promises, and they start the work in the VRU from the betrayal of their voters.


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