The Head of the Federal service on ecology, technical and nuclear inspectorate (Rostehnadsor)

Konstantin Pulikovskiy will visit Ukraine on January 30-31, the trip foresees visiting of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (CNPS).

The aim of the visit is to estimate fulfillment status of international projects on constrictions of storehouse of waste nuclear fuel at Chernobyl NPS, according object construction “Shelter” and construction on fluid radiation wastes.

The visit will take place by the invitation of State committee of nuclear regulation (SCNR) of Ukraine.

Pulikovskiy will discuss cooperation program for 2007 and questions on improvement of legislation of two countries in sphere of nuclear and radiation.

Since 2002 the agreement on information exchange and cooperation in sphere of security by usage of nuclear power with peace purpose has been operating between Rostehnadsor and State committee of nuclear regulation.


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