Opening the international conference “Common interests of Ukraine and Russia in the enhancement of cooperation. Strategies for handling the crisis”, the leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych said: “We have continuously raised the issue at different levels: “Why has our relationship only worsened recently?” It is absolutely unclear why under conditions of the global crisis such two countries with deep joint history have no common plan and approach to fighting the crisis.”

According to Yanukovych, Ukraine found itself in the toughest situation as compared to other countries. It was caused not by purely economic reasons, but also by serious underestimation of the global challenges. Lack of proactive preparation for unfavorable course of events, blind adherence to typical recommendations of international organizations for one and a half years put our country on the brink of bankruptcy, ForUm informs, referring to the Party of Regions web-site.

Yanukovych stressed that financial instability in the world will be continued. The dimensions of crisis phenomena and disproportions in the development of many countries are too large. And successful developed countries have national strategies for 30, and even 50 years ahead. They pursue efficient social policy and do not miss an opportunity to promote their interests at the cost of the countries of third world, which already include our country by many parameters.

The PR leader considers that economic integration with Russia could become the most efficient strategy for Ukraine’s survival.

“Ukrainian economy incurred heavy losses because of downsized economic cooperation with Russia. Therefore our goal is to restore good, working relationship with Russia at all levels in the near future,” Yanukovych stressed.


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