The residents of small Latvian towns think that Yuschenko is the President of Switzerland, Latvia, and Romania.

Such were the results of a poll conducted by a popular television journalist Yuras Yankyavichus – the creator of the TV program "Klausimelis" ("The Question") that can be currently seen on a Latvian TV network.

"He is the head of a gypsy camp in Vilnus," said the resident of a small town Trakai.  Another resident of Trakai noted that Yuschenko is "the President of Kaliningrad." 

Her neighbor thinks that Yuschenko is originally from Chukotka and is notorious for being a part of criminal gangs and for robbing people, for being a part of racketeering "like the mafia," and for "becoming famous like bin Laden." 

A resident of the town Prenai thinks that Yuschenko is the President of Switzerland.  "He was the President of Latvia.  I think during the last term," said another resident of the town.  "No, he is the President of Romania," states the resident of Kedainyai.  She is contradicted by her neighbor, who says that "he is a writer – he wrote 'The World’s Best Karlsson.'" 

Residents of Yonava think that Yuschenko is Putin’s Vice-President since his last name is Russian, while the people of Zarasai are sure that he is the Commander-In-Chief of NATO.  The most informed of all was a resident of the town Rokishkis, who stated that Yuschenko was the President "before Yanukovich," according to the "Tribune."

There were yet other responses: Yuschenko is "a Byelorussian political activist who overthrew Lukashenko;" the Prime-Minister of Russia; a Latvian national deputy; he was made famous for "cooperating with the KGB."  The most representative of all the responses was the following by a resident of the town Shalchininkai: "Yuschenko?  A national deputy or..what’s it called?  Of which country?  I don’t know.  I think ours.  Why is he well-known?  For the same reasons as all the others.  Go ask someone else who knows.  We don’t care who is there – Yuschenko or someone else."    


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