The frontier guards arrested Italian citizen, 41, at the Ukraine-Hungary border. He was tried to smuggle 50 antique icons, the press service of the frontier guards reported.

The smuggler departed from Ryazan (Russia) to Italia on his pick-up Iveko.

According to the report, he passed all kinds of control when suddenly the frontier guard of Tisa department paid attention on irritation of Italian. The smuggler wanted to depart as sooner as possible.

The frontier guard had decided to inspect thoroughly the pick-up and found the suspect suitcases.  

Then the smuggler tried to bribe the frontier guard by €1,000. The praporshik refused and called the chief of the relief. The smuggler tried to bribe the chief by €3,000. But nothing could save the smuggler.

There were 50 antique icons in the suitcases. 

The expertise is going on now. The personnel of the Security Service of Ukraine, policemen and custom house take part in the investigation.


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