Despite the outcome of the Vilnius Eastern Partnership summit, Ukraine will sign an Association Agreement with the European Union in any case, Spain's new Ambassador to Ukraine Gerardo Bugallo Ottone said during the III Ukrainian-Spanish Journalism Forum on Wednesday in Kyiv.

"The summit in Vilnius will be a historic moment for Ukraine, which we are all waiting for. And even if now Ukraine fails to meet all the conditions for the signing of the Association Agreement, it will do it later and will still sign the agreement,” the diplomat believes, Ukrinform informs.

The diplomat noted that, in any case, an important task for Ukraine remains solution to the "legal security". "The most important thing is legal security. Foreign investors and citizens will actively cross the border only when its level is high enough. Therefore, the main task of Ukraine today is to ensure that security," Mr. Ottone noted.

That is why, the ambassador said, at this important moment for Ukraine media are playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of public opinion.

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