Ukraine should concentrate on perspectives of ascendance to the European Union. It will allow to develop its economy. But only after successful referendum Ukraine can deal with issues concerning joining NATO. James Laions admiral of US naval forces in retirement said.

He noted that membership in NATO foresees definite obligations of the countries who apply for the alliance. He stressed that one of such obligations is modernization of armed forces.

He asked: “who will pay for this modernization? It will be difficult for the USA to allocate money for support of a new NATO member,” he said.

Laions reminded that now the USA and NATO are much concerned about issues in Afghanistan.

According to Laions, in case Ukrainians support idea on Ukraine’s joining NATO at the national referendum, then it will be time for considering this issue.

He also noted that he is against of Ukraine’s joining NATO but he also noted that it is the matter of the country which wants to join the alliance.


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