Our Ukraine bloc declares that there is no alternative to the parliamentary coalition of democratic forces with the participation of Our Ukraine, BYuT and Socialist party of Ukraine.

Press office of the bloc distributed a statement, which says that Our Ukraine does not hold any negotiations concerning formation of a coalition with other participants.

The document also states that the formation of the coalition is possible only if a coalition agreement is worked out and signed. The agreement will determine program principles of activity of the future government, based on the President’s program “Ten steps towards people.”

“We underline that we will support that candidature for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, who will take on a responsibility for realization of an agreed program of coalition’s activity,” states the declaration of Our Ukraine bloc.

Our Ukraine bloc points out that the negotiation process is cast doubt not by the bloc, but by its partners. According to the authors of the document, “instead of joint work on strategy of country’s development our colleagues continue to resort to rhetoric of the past election campaign, to groundless and false accusations, to language of blackmail and ultimatum.”

In the statement it is expressed a regret that BYuT “continues list of lies, started during the parliamentary elections.” Our Ukraine bloc demands refutation of declarations about connection of OU representatives to ordered criminal cases against BYuT representatives, about attempt to turn Ukraine into dump of nuclear waste, about holding negotiations with Party of Regions and etc.

Our Ukraine states that “by these actions BYuT makes all possible and impossible to prevent formation of the coalition with OU, demanding the post of PM for Yulia Tymoshenko and the post of VR Speaker for a representative of Socialist party.” “We underline that responsibility for breakdown of talks on coalition will weigh on conscience of our partners,” the declaration says.


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