Despite the settled price for gas, Ukraine may face the increase price for Turkmen gas now.

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov plans to discuss the increase price (form $65 up to $85) in the coming meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The meeting is planned by the end of January. Such measure will automatically raise the price for Ukraine.

The spokesperson of Turkmen Embassy to Moscow stated, “Regarding to the world market energy prices, we are going to correct gas price up to $75-85 per 1,000 c. m.” Gazprom did not comment on the statement, Vedomosti reported.

Gazprom reported that Russian company striked the bargain on gas supply (30 milliard c. m.) by $65 for 2006. However, Turkmen Embassy spokesperson thinks differently, “Turkmenistan may sell to Gazexport a half of the volume by $65 and the rest 15 milliards will be discussed additionally.”

The very 30 milliards were planned to deliver to Ukraine via RosUkrEnergo. If Turkmenistan is a success in the increase price and Ukraine purchases gas by $95, it will be unprofitable, the experts told.

Taking into account the transport expenses, the prime cost of Turkmen gas on Ukraine’s frontier may reach $100. In order to avoid damages, RosUkrEnergo will have to raise price for Ukraine up to $105-110.

Ukraine in turns insists that the possible price increase is the issue of Russia-Turkmen concern. Oleksiy Ivchenko Naftogaz President stressed that the agreement of January 4, 2006 prohibits one-sided changes of price. “Our side of the medal is $95 and we won’t buy it by other price,” mentioned Ivchenko.


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