The spring call-up -2005 finished in Ukraine. 31,235 persons were called up for the service of the fixed period, the press service of Ukraine Ministry of Defense informed.

23,000 men were drafted to Armed Forces, 4,500 - to Internal Forces of Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs, 2,500 - to Frontier Forces of Ukraine, 850 - to the State Transport Service of Ukraine and 385 - Ukraine security Service, "UNIAN" reported.

The call-up was 3,559 persons more than the previous call-up in the autumn. It happened due to service life decrease. "The number of so-called 'rejecters' was reduced cause the service life decrease from 18 months to 12 months," said Colonel Alexander Martsynkevich heading the call-up of North operation command of Ukraine.

The following regions provided the call-up spring-2005: 24 regional commissions, Kiev-city commission, Crimean commission and 492 district commissions.


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