"Ukraina" Fund, headed by the ex-president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, will help to reconstruct the teaching and sanitary complex "Suzirya" in Chernigov region.

In particular, today Kuchma has visited Chernigov region and observed the recovery work of "Suzirya" complex.

"Ukraina" in collaboration with Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Union (UYAU) "Suzirya" plans to work together on this project. Nowadays UYAU invests the repair and accomplishment of the territory, the stadium and the medical center "Suzirya" building.

Kuchma also visited boarding school in Chereshenky village. The children of two neigbouring villages study there. The honorable member of UYAU "Suzirya", Leonid Kuchma, presented the pupils with the school bus.


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