The pace of reforms in Ukraine is not satisfactory, but the reasons for this lag require careful consideration and balanced approach, first deputy head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine Iryna Akimova said.

"Conduct of reforms is a complex process. There are various reasons, which influence their course. Every important reform has direct or indirect impact on business, individual citizen. Therefore, it requires careful consideration and detailed analysis of the consequences," she said.

According to her, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych emphasizes the need for a well coordinated approach to the implementation of the reforms.

According to her, the President personally intervenes, meets, hears reports, "provides instruction to overcome bottlenecks in the implementation of reforms".

In her opinion, the effect of the global economic crisis, limiting financing reforms in many countries, including Ukraine, can’t be ignored as well.

"Besides, you have to be realistic - not all of the reforms give instant results, they are long-term," the first deputy head of the APU added. 


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