Refusing to review fettering gas agreement, Russia will lose a major gas importer. Meanwhile Ukraine loses time and money necessary for the social sphere, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov posted on Facebook, the Cabinet’s press office reports.

He stressed that this issue is relevant because of the very high gas price, which already make up more than $ 500 per thousand cubic meters, making the work of many domestic enterprises unprofitable and forcing to pay extra sums in foreign currency.

"First we tried to agree on revision, but the contract signed by Tymoshenko almost did not leave us an opportunity to challenge it in court or revise it through negotiations without Russia's desire. Having realized that the agreement is unlikely to be revised, we decided to increase production of our own gas, to pass to other energy sources," Azarov said, noting that all of these works require huge costs, which the government has to divert from healthcare, education, roads, etc.

The Prime Minister stressed that the country should now modernize industry, social services, health care, education and many others. "These issues have to be addressed. We will solve them in the coming years," Azarov assured.


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