The government is doing everything possible for reserve currency not to decrease in the country, first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov said an interview with news-analytics program.

"We are planning to settle accounts with our partner countries in the currency, used by the partners. Thus, we will reduce the pressure on the reserve currency," he said.

According to the first vice Prime Minister, for the country it is inconvenient to buy foreign currency without the need, when people do not go abroad as it leads to imbalance. In addition, as recent events show, people are not always able to save money on this operation.

"There was a rate of 8.40, and people were buying. Then the rate was returned to its level and the most vulnerable segments of the population lost. They lost because someone had predicted incorrectly, someone told convincingly, while regulators were not listened to. I hope the regulators will enjoy more trust now," Arbuzov summed up.



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