Only Parliament should decide issues on introduction of measures to protect the language, linguist and author of textbooks on the Ukrainian language Ivan Yushchuk told ForUm.

"The adopted language law contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine and the conclusion drawn by the Constitutional Court according to article 10," he said.

Yushchuk stressed that in the opinion of the working group on the law "On principles of the state language policy", there is a need to initiate "measures aimed at protecting the language" upon condition if at least 20% of native speakers live on the proper territory. "Although, the language law provided for 10% only. But this does not solve the problem. It is necessary that half or more than a half of the population present the ethnic minorities. As under the international law, such rights are granted for nationalities," he said.

Yushchuk believes that it is important that the working group proposes to complicate the introduction of measures to protect the language. A language speaker may approach with a proposal to the local authorities, who in turn address regional councils and then the Verkhovna Rada. "It would be great if such issues will be really solved by the Parliament, but not by every local "kinglet," he concluded.


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