MPs splitted Ukraine adopting the language law written not for the whole country, but only for a part of it, head of the Constitutional assembly, President of Ukraine (1991-1994) Leonid Kravchuk told ForUm.

"Many people remember that the language law was adopted with various violations. Thus, this caused heated debates in society. Many Ukrainians were disappointed. And the deputies adopting the law went on vacation leaving such a gift to the President. I think that Parliament should not have hurried, it would be better to postpone the bill," he said.

"Now, in response to requests and demands of the people, Viktor Yanukovych established the working group to amend the language law," Kravchuk said.

According to him, the group has already developed this issue, but the final version of the amendments has not been developed yet. "I believe that by the middle of September, we will complete our work and give our amendments to the President. And it will depend on him when they will be submitted to the Parliament. Though now it will be difficult to resolve this issue due to the elections," he stressed.


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