For the first time Ukrainian city of Donetsk has been granted the title of the richest city. Though it has failed to beat the capital in any of separate criteria, it has come out first in the total sum of points.

The population of Donetsk is three times less than in Kyiv, but the rate of hotels, restaurants and banks per every resident is higher. Donbass capital has low level of unemployment and annually increasing rate of newly registered enterprises.

The capital of Ukraine, which holds the second position, has the biggest rate of state expenses per resident - 5720 UAH. To compare, Odessa city budget spends only 2708 per resident annually. Kyiv, however, is the leader on newly created jobs. In this respect, the cities of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk also do fine.

The lowest level of unemployment is in Komsomolsk, while the biggest number of unemployed has been registered in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski, Ladyzhen and Sevastopil. The third and forth positions are held by Kharkiv and Kherson respectively. Lviv closes the Top-5.

The highest rate of salaries has been traditionally registered in nuclear power plant towns - Energodar (6171 UAH), Kuznetsovsk (6060 UAH), Uzhnoukrainsk (5877 UAH) and Neteshyn (5665 UAH). However, only high salaries are not enough to bring these towns into Top-20. Though Truskavetsk has low enough average salary of 1600 UAH, it hold the 18th position of the ranking due to the highest number of banks, hotels and trade and entertainment centers per resident. 

As for the living space rating per resident, Bucha is an absolute leader with 105 sq m per one resident, but still it does not bring it into the Top-20 ranking list. Vychgorod has become the leader on new housing development, but also failed to get to the ranking list.

Calculating the points of every city, the following factors were taken into account: funding ratio of economically active population; average salary, local budget expenses per resident, level of employment and unemployment, elvel of business activity, development of trade and entertainment infrastructure, housing fund of the city, including houses built last year.

Top-20 richest cities of Ukraine:

1. Donetsk (502 points)
2. Kyiv (494 points)
3. Kharkiv (461 points)
4. Kherson (416 points)
5. Lviv (387 points)
6. Dnipropetrovsk (370 points)
7. Odesa (369 points)
8. Yalta (368 points)
9. Zaporizhya (353 points)
10. Kremenchug (338 points)
11. Khmelnitski (337 points)
12. Sevastopol (334 points)
13. Ternopil (324 points)
14. Simperopol (318 points)
15. Sumy (314 points)
16. Ivano-Frankivsk (313 points)
17. Chernovtsy (311 points)
18. Truskavets (305 points)
19. Uzhgorod (302 points)
20. Slavutych (298 points)


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