Over the last two months of this year, three people have been bitten by snakes in the Rivne region, amid 12 people for the same period of the last year. All the victims were hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

As the press service of the Territorial Department of the Emergency Ministry in the Rivne region reports, there has been no fatality cases.

All cases in 2012 have happened during the haying and the berrying. In this regard, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds that people should carefully choose clothes and shoes before going to the forest. Do not wander alone. Take always a cell phone.

"In order to protect themselves from the bites of snakes and other venomous animals, people need to know what poisonous animals live in this area and what peculiarities of their behavior are. Travelers should also learn to distinguish characteristics between the poisonous and the nonpoisonous animals (such as a grass snake and a viper), should avoid contact with them and remember that sudden movements only attract the attention of reptiles and can cause the attack," MES advises.


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