According to the Cabinet's resolution of April 18, 2012 the new technical description of excise marks no longer includes obligatory holograms. However, the new description has not been approved yet, hence the old resolution of May 21, 2008 is still in force and it obliges producers to protect their products with excise marks with holograms. But, according to the journalists of the Bureau of journalist investigation Anna Fionik, the new initiative of the director of "Ukraina" printing plant Maksim Stepanov and deputy finance minister Yuri Shevchenko may cancel the obligatory holograms.

Already now some alcohol products are put on the market, protected with excise marks but not holograms.

Printing excise marks without hologram protection will let loose the fakers. As a result, consumers face possible poisoning and the state budget faces lack of income, experts said during the press conference on forged alcohol production, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the manager of the Consumer control center Ihor Kanevski, the state has fought hard to keep the monopoly on excisable products. For years the specialists have been developing new layers of protection, complicating the task for fakers. Introduction of holograms was the best solution ever, as it is impossible to forge the hologram. The fakers can only try to imitate it, though it is very complicated and expensive process.

Customs officers can easily check the hologram for its authenticity, and even ordinary consumers can do it by eye, while the authenticity of the excise mark can be proved only in a lab, the expert says. According to Kanevski the proposed initiative will simply fill the market with forged products, and both consumers and licensed producers will suffer damage. The state budget in its turn will suffer the shortage of about 10 billion hryvnias annually.

In his turn, an expert in printing industry Serhiy Melnichenko declared that the layers of protection must be upgraded not reduced. He reminded that the holographic protection is widely used in all sphere of production. "Every brand product has a hologram. I've seen one even on an iron. The fact that holograms may disappear from the excise marks is pure nonsense," he underlined.


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