The Eska Rock Polish radio station today apologized on the air to the Ukrainians women for dirty jokes, voiced by two DJs last week in one of the morning programs.

The journalist Michał Figurski said the apology in Polish, English, French and Russian to the national anthem of Ukraine on behalf of the Poranny WF radio program.

"We try to express our deep regret about at saying the jokes about Ukrainian women," he began his brief statement.

The journalist said that he and Kuba Wojewódzki, did not want to offend the Ukrainians by their talks, they just presented the image of the fictional people who were very upset because of the poor game of the Polish national football team and jealous of the Ukrainian success.

"We believe that Ukrainian women are of exceptional beauty, which arouses our wonder and respect, as regards the rest of our brotherly nation," Figurski said.

"We ask for your forgiveness and offer an expression of respect," the journalist summed up, who read out an apology in four languages about 2 minutes.

In addition, one of the guests of the Poranny WF morning program read out the same apology in Danish.

The representative of the radio station said that Figursky apologized at the beginning and after the completion of the program.


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