Ukraine is confidently dispelling myths about the premature development of alternative energitcs and failure to develop this industry. The country is taking its first but sure steps in the development of the renewable energy sources (RES), the Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Conservation of Ukraine Mykola Pashkevych said a press conference in Kyiv.

"Please be assured that the industry has succeeded. We already have 107 effective facilities with capacity of 411 MW and 63 economic activity subjects including 76 hydroelectric stations, 11 wind farms, 18 solar plants and 2 bioenergy plants," he stressed.

In addition, there are projects (with a total capacity, for example, in wind power of about 3000 MW and in solar power of about 1,000 MW) at the different stages of development. All of these factors directly testify that Ukraine is moving in the right direction and is to achieve 12% of RES in the energy balance of the country by 2020, as required by the European directives. Of course, there are many problems, but the Ukrainian initial experience is not the world’s worst one," the Head of the Agency said.

Mr. Pashkevych reported that in 2011 the development of renewable energy was considerably ahead of those of the traditional one. The total capacity of the effective renewables made up 257 MW, which is 4% more if compare with the indexes of 2010. In the first quarter of 2012 there were produced the electricity volumes equal to 155.6 million KW per hour, which is 47% of the total electricity production in 2011. The total private investments in this sector made up 20 billion USD.

The Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Conservation of Ukraine emphasized that more than 100 Ukrainian economic operators will receive a "green tariff" in 2012. "Currently, there are 70 objects and 60 subjects of economic activity in the solar plants construction field which are receiving a "green tariff ". By the end of this year we will have more than 100 economic entities with the legal permission to the land acquisition and the system launching," Pashkevych said.

At the same time he informed of the new facilities, which are already under construction or are planned for construction in 2012.

Namely, the Czech Ekotechnik Praha group of companies is to end the construction of 42 photoelectric stations in Kyiv region and to begin the installation of 50 solar plants in Dnipropetrovsk region. The company is also developing the large-scale projects in Vinnytsia region within the territory of 600 hectares (where the 300 MW solar batteries could be set) and the 80 MW solar power plants in Zakarpatya region.

The French Helios Strategia company plans to build in Ukraine several solar plants with the capacity of 7 MW on the roofs of industrial, municipal and private buildings. The ANT Group is drafting a project of the 30 MW Sunshine City solar power plant to be set in Bucha, Kyiv region. The German WKN Windkraft Nord AG company is to install two wind farms in Krasnoperekopsk and Dzhankoj regions of the Crimea. The Vindkraft Ukraine is to install 8 more megawatt-class wind turbines in Kherson region.

In addition, the Star Ua company plans to develop the large-scale solar projects in Kherson region within the territory of 1.5 thousand ha. This project’s capacity could reach 750 MW. The Renji Development company is to build 6 photoelectric stations with the total capacity of 50 MW in Vinnytsia region. The German Vindgard company has started to construct the 400 MW wind farm in Lugansk region. The Israeli SunElectra company plans to install 10 solar plants with a total capacity 25-30 MW in Odessa region in 2012.

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