Ukraine is interested in cooperation with NATO within "intellectual defense" projects, Ukrainian ambassador to NATO Ihor Dolhov said in interview with Ukrainian journalist in Chicago.

Dolgov noted that at the NATO summit held in Chicago on May 20 it was decided to improve defense potential of the Alliance till 2020. This project was named "intellectual defense" and provides for joint efforts of NATO countries to develop their defense potential.

"I want to say at once that the Ukrainian defense industry is well-known in the world, is known to NATO member-countries, and the first consultations have already been held to involve our country in these intellectual defense projects," the ambassador said and added that so far the matter concerns only the exchange of information at expert level.

"The interest in our defense sector is great, first of all among our neighbors - members of the Visegrad Four. Hence, we hope that Ukraine's participation in these projects will benefit the military efficiency of Ukrainian Armed Forces," Dolgov said.


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