The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to the parliament to increase the incomes and expenditures of the state budget for 2012 by UAH 33.35 billion, including of the general fund by UAH 28.8 billion.

Corresponding draft bill on amendments to the state budget was on April 9.

"The sources of the increase of incomes of the general fund include economic growth and business legalization – UAH 21 billion, indexation and payments for administrative services – UAH 1.8 billion, bonuses from signing production sharing agreements – UAH 6 billion," the explanatory note to the document reads.

The document also stipulates that UAH 18.2 billion of extra income will be aimed for implementation of social initiatives of President Viktor Yanukovych, and UAH 6.15 billion will be spent on the compensation for depositors of the former Soviet Sberbank.

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