Speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Lytyvn assures that adoption of the draft bill on reformation of Naftogaz does not mean privatization of the gas transportation system of Ukraine, Lytvyn told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

The speaker reminded that Ukraine is a member of the European energy charter and has undertaken a commitment to divide economic entities, engaged into transit and extraction of gas, and to do so the parliament must introduce changes to the law on pipeline transport.

The speaker considers that opposition's concerns on possible Naftogaz asset disposition are groundless. Lytvyn reminded that Naftogaz is included into the list of enterprises, not liable to privatization. "To make the privatization of the gas transportation system possible, the parliament would have to revise another law - "On privatization ban of objects," Lytvyn specified.

Following his statement Lytyvn has draw a conclusion that opposition's demand not to consider the amendments to the law on pipeline transport is a cooked-up motive and another "attempt to prove to people they care about national interests."

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