The human rights situation in Ukraine calls into question the initialling and ratification by European parliaments of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, France's Ambassador for Human Rights Francois Zimeray, who last week visited Ukraine, told reporters in Paris, UKRINFORM reported.

"No one can imagine that the prepared Association Agreement will be initialled, signed and ratified by the European Parliament if the current situation [with human rights- ed.] will continue," he said.

At the same time Zimeray ruled out the possibility of sanctions against Ukraine in case of worsening human rights situation. "The words "sanctions" are absent in my dictionary," the diplomat noted.

He added that "he is doing everything possible to protect human rights, and this is the highest interest of Ukraine".

According to Zimeray, abroad the interest to Ukraine is focused in three important respects: respect for human rights, the conclusion of the Association Agreement and the organization of EURO 2012. "The last two issues are beyond my competence, the decision on them - in the plane of the EU and its officials," he emphasized.

During a press conference held with former Prime Minister's daughter, Yevheniya Tymoshenko, Ambassador Zimeray also expressed concern that he was not allowed to attend the leader of the opposition party Batkivshchyna in the colony, Yulia Tymoshenko.

"I am concerned that I was not allowed to visit Tymoshenko and other prisoners. The visit was announced as a visit to attract the attention of foreign doctors and study the possibility of their visiting prisoners in Ukraine," he said.

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