Reduction in number of employees of central executive bodies, conducted in 2011, made it possible to reduce labor costs for administrative staff by 1 billion UAH and to allocate this money to increase social security for budget employees.

"This was reflected in the draft State Budget of Ukraine for 2012, submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine," press office of the Government reported.

As a result of optimizing the system of central executive bodies, the number of state power institutions has been cut from 104 to 74. In addition, the number of employees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been reduced by 50% - up to 592, and the maximum number of employees  of central executive bodies was set in the amount of 21,2 thousand officials, including public officials - 15,6 thousand.

In general, as a result of the first stage of administrative reform regarding reformation of the system of central executive bodies, there was provided the overall reduction in the number of civil servants in the central apparatus of the central executive bodies by 3.3 thousand or 17.3 percent.

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