"The address of Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine, was characterized by declarative nature, anti-democratic organization and soviet conclusion of the event", Mykola Tomenko, Deputy Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, stated, according to the press office of the parliament.

"The address was full of declarative statements that could be subdivided into two groups. The first group is liberal ideas and market projects", the Deputy Chairman stated. M.Tomenko named the initiative of the President concerning privatization of all State property during 5 years. He believes that market, liberal approach in economy advocated by the Head of State is ‘rather peculiar´ due to participation of the Communist Party of Ukraine in the coalition.

M.Tomenko also believes that the President´s statements concerning pro-European orientation of Ukraine are paradoxical, as the latest activity of new authorities observes ‘anti-European practice.´ "Such powerful pro-European rhetoric looks strange in comparison with the pro-Russian actions in practice", he stated.   

M.Tomenko stated that "the statement concerning extension of authorities of the opposition was also provocative", especially in view of the yesterday´s unwillingness of the authorities to include the opposition bills on agenda at least.   

M.Tomenko also made it a point that the event was organized in an anti-democratic tradition.   "Ukraine has seldom witnessed such preventive measures as thousands of police officers, blocking of the streets, prohibition for the opponents, including the People´s Deputies, to come closer than the place specifically separated for expression of opposing views", he stressed. The Deputy Chairman supposes that this anti-democratic practice has actually neglected democratic rhetoric.

He also stated that a good tradition of finishing the high-level meetings with "A Prayer for Ukraine" has for the first time been turned into ‘a recurrence of Soviet times." "When "A Prayer for Ukraine" was being performed, the officials and supporters of the President decided not to listen, but to affectedly applaud to their leader", he stated.

M.Tomenko stated that the present-day situation in Ukraine is tragic, since the gap between the declarations of the authorities and their actual activity is rapidly growing.

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