President Viktor Yanukovych took part as a chairman in a meeting of the working group on judicial reform, presidential press office reported.

Opening the meeting Viktor Yanukovych noted that implementation of judicial reform has actually stopped. As the result, the work of Ukrainian judiciary system causes dissatisfaction in both the society and our foreign partners working in Ukraine.

According to President Yanukovych, main reasons for that have been the lack of persistence in the officials responsible for implementation of the reform, absence of a unified concept, politicization of the process, and corruption in the process.

"I believe that all those gathered around this table would agree with this point of view. The problem we are currently discussing concerns each of us individually and all of us together. We must stop this humiliation of the state and this approach to judiciary system. It's time to act. I initiated the establishment of this group for us to jointly examine a concept of judicial reform in Ukraine and suggest to the Parliament to work out a relevant law in accordance with that concept”, said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President emphasized that during the preparation of the concept it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as international experience, current state of the country, its unitary property, governance structure, etc.

Viktor Yanukovych also noted that appropriate consultations with the Venice Commission should be conducted to obtain its recommendations.

"Ukraine has obligations concerning adapting Ukrainian legislation to European standards. The relevant working group is functioning, we are gradually moving forward. It is important that we completed this reform, passed most of the laws on reforming the judicial system by the end of this session of the Parliament, i.e. in the first half of this year", said Viktor Yanukovych.

President Yanukovych said that in his opinion it is now necessary to determine the order of priority in decision-making and the target of justice system reform.

"We will do everything to unite as many MPs, representatives of all political forces in the Parliament as we can around the implementation of this reform. It is very important ", said President Yanukovych.

The President of Ukraine instructed the working group to prepare necessary materials, compile suggestions and evaluate the time framework in a one-week term and after the next meeting get to practical work.


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