BYuT is demanding that the law on the presidential elections be urgently reviewed, Tymoshenko's official web site reported. 

"The election campaign is already underway. There is a decision by the Constitutional Court (regarding the presidential election law), therefore, we are asking that consideration of the bill on the presidential elections be moved from the end of the day on Wednesday to first thing on Tuesday," first deputy head of the BYuT faction Andriy Kozhemyakin stated today during the conciliatory council. 

On October 20, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine ruled unconstitutional several provisions of the Law on Election of President of Ukraine. 

In particular, it deemed unconstitutional the provision requiring that a person be registered with a consular office abroad in order to exercise one's right to vote in the presidential elections. 

The CC also found unconstitutional the provision of the law requiring that members of territorial election commissions reside within the territory of the respective territorial district or city, in which territory such district is located. 

Also unconsitutional are the provisions banning courts the right to exercise their authority to bring action against meetings concerning the calling, preparations and conducting of elections of the president of Ukraine. 

The CC also ruled unconstitutional paragraph 7 of article 84 that bans submission of complaints to the Central Election Commission concerning preparations and conducting of elections of the president of Ukraine on the day of voting and subsequent days of the electoral process. 

Meanwhile, the CC suspented constitutional proceedings regarding the provision that establishes the size of the monetary deposit.


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