PR is convinced that the position of the Government is not constructive and demands the immediate approval of the Law on the increase of salaries and pensions for the poorest Ukrainian citizens, it is said in the statement of the PR which is avaliable on its website on Thursday.

The participation of PR deputies in the Working Group on the preparation for the second reading of the draft Law regarding the increase on minimum salaries and pensions makes no sense due to the non-constructive position of the Tymoshenko Government.

During the work of the Working Group it became clear that the Government had no intention of making the lives of our people easier. They were simply using the compromise reached in the previous VR session to play for time and furthering the personal interests of those within BYuT. Therefore, the PR does not see any point to further participation in this process.

We renew our demand that at the next extraordinary VR Session, on July 3, 2009, the Law on increasing of salaries and pensions for the poorest citizens of Ukraine be approved.

If the Coalition does not support PR initiatives and will not agree to vote for making people's lives easier, we will make our position clear: such a VR doesn't have the right to consider itself elected by the people.

An anti-people VR will not work in Ukraine.


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