Ukraine is deeply concerned over reports that North Korea conducted underground nuclear tests on May 25, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has reported, according to Ukrinform.

"Now that joint efforts by the international community are aimed at finding ways to reduce the existing nuclear potential, such a step by North Korea is regarded as extremely dangerous and irresponsible. North Korea's nuclear weapon tests could become not only the reason for instability and the significant escalation of tensions in Northeast Asia, but also could have a negative effect on the global security system," reads a ministry statement.

"Ukraine, which voluntarily gave up its own nuclear arsenal and strictly observes the principles of nonproliferation, considers such actions unacceptable and decisively condemns them," reads the statement.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on all interested states to exert every effort to resume the six-party talks, while North Korea's leadership should stop holding tests of nuclear weapons, and urgently resume the dialogue with the International Atomic Energy Agency.


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